Dr. Raj Kamal

Dr. Raj Kamal is one of the renowned doctors who propose new ways to treat various diseases that can be complicated over a long period of time. Dr. Raj Kamal is committed to treating diseases and preventing the most confusing diagnostic problems. Dr. Raj Kamal, who earned his MBBS degree from Rental Kamal, also worked as a junior physician in 2006-2007 at RG KAR Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata. Dr. Kamal was a physician who resides in the Nephrology of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi, 2007-2008. He has been a general practitioner at Global Unification International in London, UK.

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Isha Health Care, established with the determination of providing specialized medical care services in very affordable price. We deliver total health care to every patients. This private healthcare provider differentiates itself from others in its vision of delivering realistic health care to the public in rural and remote areas. Isha Health Care believes in working at the ground level with the patients and their families. The sole motive of this very hospital to provide advanced quality of healthcare which is accessible and affordable to all.

Dr. Raj Kamal : Best Doctor in Patna

In this sophisticated medical environment, physicians are taking striking pride in caring for patients either in their clinics, or during the hospitalization seeking for intensive care in nursing homes. General physicians will coordinate the patient’s care and also manage the difficult problems of illness associated with their specializations. Dr. Raj Kamal is one of the renowned and leading physician who suggests new methods of treatments for multiple illness that can be prolonged and complicated. Dr. Raj Kamal is dedicated to treating diseases and how to prevent even the most puzzling diagnostic problems.

Having acquired a degree of MBBS in Medicine from the West Bengal University of Health Sciences, Dr. Raj Kamal also practiced as a junior doctor at R G kar Medical College And Hospital, Kolkata in the year 2006-2007. Dr. Kamal was a resident doctor in Nephrology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi from 2007-2008. He had been taking his role as a general physician at Global Unification International, United Kingdom, London.

He then started practicing in his hometown since August, 26, 2011, Patna. Apart from being a reputed doctor, he is a visiting guest Faculty at National Inland Navigation Institute,(Govt.of India)

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