Dr. Raj Kamal

Dr. Raj Kamal is one of the renowned doctors who propose new ways to treat various diseases that can be complicated over a long period of time. Dr. Raj Kamal is committed to treating diseases and preventing the most confusing diagnostic problems. Dr. Raj Kamal, who earned his MBBS degree from Rental Kamal, also worked as a junior physician in 2006-2007 at RG KAR Medical College and Hospital in Kolkata. Dr. Kamal was a physician who resides in the Nephrology of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals in New Delhi, 2007-2008. He has been a general practitioner at Global Unification International in London, UK.

Our Services


Intensive Care Unit at Isha Health Care is equipped with special staff to care for patients who are life-threatening or have potential life. The remote control bed will comfort the patient recovering from the intensive care unit (ICU) soon on Fowler's bed. Here we provide 24 Hrs ABG facilities, defibrillator, Auto Interpreting ECG along with temporary and permanent Pace Maker Facility.


Isha Health Care provide complete emergency care for trauma and other serious conditions. Emergency room personnel are prepared to stabilize the patient and stabilize the patient until the patient can be moved to the room, treated and lifted.Emergency room is well equipped with multipara monitors, 4 casually beds, central oxygen supply along with patients trolley.


Here we provide OPD (Out Patients Department) facility designed for treating outpatients, people with health issues who visit hospital. We try our best to provide best facility. Operation Theater have ceiling mounted dome OT light, Defibrillator, Image Intensefire, spacious OT complex along with experienced staff and doctors.

General Surgery

The mission of this department of the hospital is to provide the highest quality of patient care, surgical treatment, prognosis along with follow up. Here we focuses on organs (abdominal ) like stomach, colon, pancreas, liver, bile ducts along with oesophagus. Our special team also deal with disease like hernias, skin and breast.


Isha Health Care provide maternity care services. A room is provided that includes all the inclusive where a mother can give birth, nurse the baby, and spend the day recovering after the birth. We provide complete care for new born baby and mother.

Pathology Lab

Here we provide quality preventive along with the sole motive to provide all the healthcare facility in affordable price. This department provides many samples not only from hospital patients but also from other laboratories and hospitals. We offer a comprehensive menu of tests covering hematology, biochemistry, serology, clinicopathology, microbiology and histopathology, including immunohistochemistry.


Here at Isha Health Care we provide physiotherapist to the patients helping them in regaining neck pain, back pain, knee pain and so on. The rehabilitation expert have access edge technology aiming to provide maximum benefits to the patient. Isha Health Care is specialize in providing orthopedics, neuro rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy. Along with all these services, our experts also provide exercise and consultation regimes for patients weight management.


Here at Isha Health Care, we provide Electro Cardio Gram facility to detect abnormal heart rhythms helping patient to cure their heart disease. It is mainly a device that monitor your heart performance. Here we are with Electro Cardiogram machine.

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